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Just in time for our 21st anniversary. The world's best just got better for 2011. Our new "Calibrated Hull System" (CHS) gives the new CraigCats a faster top speed, faster time to plane, and even smoother ride!  Couple the new epic performance standards with the lighter weight, JD Powers award winning, American made Evinrude engines the CraigCat has an astounding 30% better performance than even our 2010 models. CraigCats as they have always been are made in the USA and have CE (European) and Canadian certifications. The E2 Elite and the Catch-it also get these unbelievable upgrades:



  • Ground Breaking New Designing
  • Larger Custom Full Width Fiberglass Storage Compartment
  • New LED Docking lights
  • New LED Anchor light
  • Premium Sound System - New 200 watt Jensen AM/FM/iPod/USB/AUX Sound System with 1GB (250 songs) of onboard music storage and optional waterproof wireless remote control with 100ft range.
  • New High Definition 2-way Water Proof Speakers.
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